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Dream yourself into 2024 during the 12 holy nights (26th of Dec '23 - 6th of Jan '24)

Interested to know what's in store for you in 2024? Or what emotions and experiences you can release and leave behind in 2023? At least, according to your own intuition :)

Then join me in The Dream Dive! The Dream Dive will take place during the Celtic "12 holy nights". The time between December 26th and January 6th offers a period of time, when the veil between the earthly and spiritual world is thinned. During these magic nights our dreamtime is incredibly rich and may reveal important messages, omens for the future as well as insights in what you can let go of.
In this Dream Dive you will make use of this magical time to tune into your intuition, your inner wisdom through your dreams.

The only thing you have to do is log your dreams in the morning. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will be available for support every day to help you remember and analyse your dreams. 

Additionally all participants are offered an individual Reiki session (online, 45 min) to boost your energy system; release what you no longer need. To have a fresh, lighter start of the new year.

The Dream Dive includes:
•    Kick off Zoom meeting on the 17th of December (NL/
•    Sleep/dream meditation audio to help you fall asleep and dream… (NL/ENG)
•    Daily, through Whatsapp you can send me your dreams for support in analysing them.   
•    You will receive an individual Reiki session (online, 45 min). We will schedule this session together at a moment that is convenient for you, somewhere in January.   
Sunday 17th of December 2023 Kick Off meeting 20.00 - 21.00.
26th of December - 6th of January 2024 logging and interpreting your dreams.

January 2024 Reiki session to be scheduled individually.
Costs: € 55,- (for all humanitarian aid workers this challenge is for free) 

To join send me an email ( or send me a message on Insta, LinkedIN or Whatsapp.

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