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About me

Studio Intuitie offers DREAM COACHING, REIKI & MINDFULNESS. All aimed at making room for your inner compass, your intuition. By breaking patterns, releasing emotions or limiting beliefs. And to get out of your head and into your body and into the here and now. Your intuition also makes itself heard through dreams. Studio Intuïtie also provides dream analyzes and dream meditations. 

Intuition is the theme that I am completely committed to. My mission on this earth is to get everyone back in touch with their intuition.


My name is Sabine Stapel, now 44 years and I live with my two daughters in Leiden. 12 years ago I ended up in a burnout. Mindfulness brought me a lot during that time. Shortly after my recovery, I wanted to become a mindfulness trainer and offer as many people as possible the wonderful mindfulness tools. After a while I felt the desire to coach more one-on-one and I completed the training to become a coach at the School for Coaching. Within the profession of coaching, I am particularly passionate about body-oriented and systemic working methods.
The energetic side of our system and working with it fascinated me and Reiki came my way. For me Reiki completes the picture. It is precisely this combination of coaching, mindfulness and Reiki that is so powerful. They support each other, allowing a transformation to take place in a short time. A transformation towards a lighter and more intuitive life, in connection with yourself.


One way the intuition speaks to us is during our sleep, when we dream. Dreams and dream interpretation is my latest passion and therefore I read all kinds of books about dream analyses and followed courses on dream coaching. Every year I facilitate a dream challenge and you can come to me for analysing your dreams. In my coaching I integrated dream work als a core method. 

My professional registrations

  • Mindfulness trainer: category 1, VMBN registration 

  • Coach: trained by School for Coaching, affiliated with STiR 

  • Dream group, Leiden, ITIP 

  • Reiki 1& 2:initiated in the Usui System of Reiki Healing, by Master of The Reiki Alliance

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