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At Studio Intuïtie everything revolves around intuitive development. Studio Intuïtie offers various concrete tools and methods to reconnect with your intuition. I have devoured all the books on intuition and followed training courses and workshops from colleagues to deepen my knowledge. Intuitive development is my passion. Reconnecting everyone with their intuition is my mission on this earth. 

Intuition is your inner compass, your inner voice. But I also see intuition as your connection to your soul and the universe. How intuition communicates varies from person to person. One receives messages from his/her intuition through a strong inner knowing, the other through images, dreams, feelings or a voice. Or a mix of these. 

Your intuition is always available to you. Sometimes you just have to clean up a bit to reconnect with it.To then trust your intuition and follow it. Then you live in connection with yourself, your higher self or call it your soul. From that connection you live authentically, effortlessly and experience a clear direction.

By tackling the noise in our heads (mindfulness), clearing blockages and emotions (Reiki) and letting go of obstructive beliefs (coaching), space is created for your intuition. There are also concrete intuitive exercises that you can do to get in touch with your intuition. 

Do you want to start with all those thoughts that cause noise first? Then mindfulness training is a great first step. If you notice that emotions or blockages are getting in the way between you and your intuition, book a Reiki treatment. Would you prefer (individual) coaching to get closer to yourself? That's also possible.

And last but not least, if you want to dive in your dreams to see what you intuition is trying to show you during your sleep? Book a dream analysis or sign up for the dream challenge, Dream Dive.  

John Lennon wrote a beautiful song about intuition.  

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