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DREAM DIVE(20-27 March 2024)

Making use of the spring moon on the 25th March 2024

Interested to know which emotions, limiting beliefs or programming you can release this spring? At least, according to your own intuition :)?

Then join me in The Dream Dive! The Dream Dive will take place in the nights around the first full moon in spring, 25th of March. During these nights we can make use of the energy of the full moon. The energy of full moons help us to release what no longer serves us. During a full moon our dreams tend to be more vivid than usual. In this Dream Dive you will make use of this magical week to tune into your intuition, your inner wisdom through your dreams.

The only thing you have to do is log your dreams in the morning. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will be available for support every day to help you remember and analyse your dreams. 

Additionally all participants are offered an individual Reiki session (online, 45 min) to boost your energy system; release what you no longer need. To have a fresh, lighter start of the spring. 

The Dream Dive includes:
•    Tips & (individual) guidance in remembering your dreams.

•    Sleep/dream meditation audio to help you fall asleep and dream… (NL/ENG)
•    Daily, through Whatsapp you can send me your dreams for support in analysing them.   
•    You will receive an individual Reiki session (remotely guided, 45 min). We will schedule this session together at a moment that is convenient for you.


Click the button below to sign up for the next Dream Dive!

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Overview of a selection of dreams of the previous Dream Dive:

“I found my participation in the dream dive challenge to be very valuable. By consciously reflecting on my dreams every morning I have gained more insight into themes that require extra attention for me personally at the moment.”

“A fascinating dive into my dreams with Sabine's wonderful and valuable guidance. With surprising insights every day. The Dream Dive brought subconscious desires to the surface. Definitely join next time!”

“Sabine's way of communicating was very pleasant; stimulating, but not compelling. After all, they are my dreams and it is mainly about what resonates with me. Sabine always left no misunderstanding about that.”

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