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With Reiki I support you energetically in releasing blockages or obstacles that are unconsciously stuck in your system. This brings you closer to yourself and your intuition. 

Reiki provides support where it is needed. This can be on a physical level, but also on an emotional or even soul level. 

Do you experience physical complaints (such as injuries, tension complaints or poor sleep) or do you feel that you can let go of blockages and emotions? 

Then it is time for a Reiki session. This can be done at your home. I then supervise the Reiki session remotely, REIKI & HOME.


REIKI @HOME works as follows: At the start of the Reiki session we make a quick phone call. Then we hang up and you make yourself comfortable. I then tune in to you and after a few minutes the energy starts to flow your way. Afterwards we will call again and exchange our experiences. You don't have to do anything, you can relax, fall asleep or meditate.

During the Reiki session you may physically experience warmth or tingling. You may also see images or have other experiences that may provide insight into what you can let go of or give attention to. 

Would you prefer a live, in-person Reiki session? That is also possible. Then take a look REIKI@LEIDEN

Register for a remote Reiki treatment via the bottom button on the right.  

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