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Studio Intuition offers coaching and Reiki as well individual and group Mindfulness training (MBSR)

Mindfulness means being completely awake and being able to observe what is happening in the here and now without judgment. Mindfulness is a quality that we all possess, but may have faded into the background due to our current existence.

Mindfulness as described above may seem simple, but in practice it is not so easy. We are often not fully present because we do (too) much on autopilot. Different response patterns or habits have become firmly established in our lives as we reach adulthood. So strong that we no longer even notice that we have unconscious reactions or habits and almost naturally respond to situations based on these patterns.

Practicing mindfulness frees you from the automatic habit of being constantly distracted by your thoughts: thoughts that are about what has been or what is yet to come and not about what is happening in the here and now. This creates space for a conscious response instead of automatic reactions to experiences. And last but not least, there is room to live more alligned with your intuition. 

Studio Intuïtie's mindfulness training focuses on:

  • dealing with stimuli and stress in a healthier way,

  • can break old patterns or habits,

  • enjoy more,

  • worry less,

  • be more focused,

  • make room for your intuition

Online Mindfulness training (MBSR)

Studio Intuïtie offers the 8 week Mindfulness (MBSR) training via Zoom. 
Dates: 8 Thursday evening, starts 19th of September 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 
€555,- (reimbursed by Dutch health insurers up to 350 euro)

Individual training Mindfulness (MBSR)

Every month you can start an individual Mindfulness training at Studio Intuïtie. This can take the form of the 8-week MBSR training or a tailor-made program.
€650 (partly reimbursed by health insurers)

Group training Mindfulness (live)

For (live) group Mindfulness training (MBSR), check the offer at LivYoga in the Leidse Hout. 

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