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If your direction has disappeared or if a pattern wants to be broken, it may be time for coaching. 

In addition to the usual coaching techniques, I like to use body-oriented and systemic working methods.  I am a certified coach (STiR)  and trained as a professional coach at School for Coaching. There I was able to experience great coaching techniques and then learn to apply them. If desired, we add elements of mindfulness and Reiki to the coaching process.

As a coach I use my curiosity, I bring calm and I coach from an appreciative approach. My characteristics as a coach: down to earth, humorous, energetic, sensitive and decisive. 

We start a coaching process with an intake interview to clarify your question and make a plan of the number of and the frequency of our sessions. The coaching sessions take place live (in Leiden, at LivYoga), online, in nature or a mix. Together we will clarify your coaching needs and desires and take steps in the direction you want to go.

Register immediately for a free introductory meeting or for an intake or coaching session via the buttons on the right.




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